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Montréal, April 15, 2014 – In 2014, the Archéo-Québec Network is pursuing its archaeological outreach mission with renewed energy, organizing numerous activities that make archaeology accessible to an ever growing public.

Archaeology Month turns 10!

From August 1 to 31, 2014, Archéo-Québec is presenting the 10th edition of Archaeology Month! Over 55 places in 14 regions of Québec, from Gatineau to Gaspé, offer an unparalleled program. Some forty archaeologists and specialists will open their universe to both young and old through archaeological digs, tours of reserve collections, outings and other authentic activities that provide unique experiences. The production of Archaeology Month is made possible with the collaboration of a major partner, the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec.

Jici Lauzon, the spokesperson for the 10th edition of Archaeology Month!


Archéo-Québec is delighted to announce that actor and comedian Jici Lauzon has again agreed to be the spokesperson for Archaeology Month 2014. A long-time history and heritage enthusiast, he discovered, with his family, the wonders of Québec archaeology and was fascinated by its diversity and accessibility. He invites us one and all to join in the activities offered by sites participating in Archaeology Month, to explore unique aspects of our surroundings and to uncover the mysteries of the past.

The Archéo-Québec Network celebrates its 15th year!

Founded by people who are passionate about archaeology, the Archéo-Québec Network has a mission to make knowledge about Québec archaeology more accessible to the public and heighten awareness of the importance of preserving our archaeological heritage. Around a hundred members are involved in this mission, promoting the discovery of various facets of Québec archaeology through research and education, as well as through conservation and the presentation of Québec’s archaeological heritage. In 2014, Archéo-Québec won the prestigious Daniel G. Roberts Award for Excellence in Public Historical Archaeology, reflecting the Network’s 15 years of exceptional achievements.

A new Québec archaeology portal:

Archéo Québec

Made available online in June 2013, the Québec archaeology portal invites Internet users to discover the intriguing world of Québec archaeology with just a few clicks! Presenting clear, accessible and original content, this new website devoted to archaeological outreach is designed to pool information and make it easier for people to access knowledge and find out about a wide variety of activities throughout Québec. New pages have been added in 2014: up-dates, thematic files, tourist attractions, videos, articles and much more! The entire Archaeology Month program will be online.

An archaeological travel guide

Archéo-Québec is preparing a guide that will enable the general public to explore 19 regions of Québec while discovering their archaeological secrets. Entitled “D’escales en découvertes, l’archéologie raconte le Québec,” this guide (available in French only) will be offered as a free upload as of June 2014. The destinations suggested — including exhibitions, walks, interpretation trails and remains conserved in their original settings — promise fascinating moments of exploration and immersion in the world of Québec archaeology.

Source: Sophie Gérard / Archéo-Québec – 514 872-7720

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