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A discipline at the crossroad of social and environmental sciences

Archaeology, as practised in 21st-century Québec, investigates fields that are well outside the discipline’s traditional concerns. Archaeology has become increasingly interdisciplinary in its approach, investigating fields such as the peopling of the land, the relation between human groups and the environment, the construction of identity, the development of trade, expressions of culture, the history of production and techniques, foodways, climate and biodiversity – the list is long!

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Archaeological practice in Québec

It’s important to understand the past, since it determines in great part what our society has become. Archaeology is often the only tool available for discovering our most distant origins. The archaeologist’s role is to observe authentic facts and then interpret them.


A brief history of Québec archaeology

Archaeological procedure: a scientific approach!

Archaeological fields

Archaeological specialties

Humans and the land

Prehistoric Québec

The Historic Period

Archaeological conservation

The importance of archaeological conservation

The conservator's work

Work in the field

The preventive conservation of collections